This section holds all the organisational processes that are managed as part of the Safety Management System.

What is a Process?

A Process is a series of connected activities that are performed by one or more Roles within the organisation. Each activity potentially has specific inputs and/or outputs. The activities and the Roles that perform them are described in a process activity map within each Process area.

Integrated Management Systems

Some of the processes that are included within this page also contribute to the objectives of other Management Systems within the organisation. This aligns with the objective of an Integrated Management System approach which is most effectively applied by creating a single repository of organisational processess and allowing each Management System to provide their own perspective on the processes they need to achieve their objectives.

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Agree Stakeholder Dependency

Allocate Safety Accountability to Managers

Analyse Safety Performance

Assess Safety Competency of Personnel

Assess Safety Impact of Changes

Communicate Safety Information

Communicate Safety Responsibility to Employees and Contractors

Conduct Audits and Reviews

Conduct Safety Assessment of Lifecycle Activity

Conduct Safety Risk Assessment

Develop Safety Case for Changes

Develop Safety Case for Services

Identify Safety Improvement Actions

Investigate Safety Event

Investigate Special Event

Manage Integrated Audit Programme

Report Mandatory Occurrence

Report Voluntary Safety Information

Survey Organisational Safety Culture Climate

Survey System Behaviour in Operations

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