Roles and Groups

This section holds all the defined Roles and Groups that are required to be fulfilled within an organisation to support the implementation of the Safety Management System.


The following information is included:

  1. Role Summaries
  2. Safety Committees and Groups Structure and Terms of Reference
  3. Management of Employee Competence in SMS

What is a Role?

A Role is different to a Job. A Role can be seen as one or more activities that you are required to conduct as part of your job, for either all your time or part of your time. For example, a single employee in your organisation may fill multiple Roles or, vice versa, multiple employees may fill the same Role. The Roles are formally defined within the organisational processes. The links between Roles and Processes is described in each Role page. Think of Roles as a flexible way to allocate tasks to employees – this is important in organisations wishing to follow a Process Approach as outlined in ISO9001: 2015.

What is a Group?

A Group, also referred to as a Committee, is a formal meeting of management and / or general staff to provide oversight and decision making for safety or a specific element of the safety management system. Groups are also an important part of how Managers with safety accountabilities can demonstrate they are discharging the accountabilities appropriately.

Accountable Executive

Accountable Manager

Action Owner

Audit Manager

Audit Sponsor



Change Owner

Change Safety Specialist

Corporate Communication Focal Point

Designated Post-Holder


Independent Safety Adviser

Just Culture Peer Group Lead

Lead Investigator

Lifecycle Activity Manager


Safety Competency Assessor

Safety Impact Assessor

Safety Improvement Coordinator

Safety Manager

Safety Performance Analyst

Safety Performance Coordinator

Safety Promotion Specialist

Safety Risk Assessor

Safety Risk Owner

Service Safety Specialist

SMS Coordinator

Strategic Safety Improvement Coordinator


System/Human Performance Specialist

Safety Committees and Groups Structure and Terms of Reference

The organisation has a set of Safety Committees and Groups to support the implementation and on-going oversight of safety management. The Committee and Group structure (shown in Figure below) has been organised to ensure safety is managed collectively at different levels of the organisation. This includes frontline management of day-to day safety issues, up to strategic safety planning at the Board level.

The Terms of Reference are structured using the SMS Core Objectives; ensuring that the systematic approach to safety management is reflected also in the responsibilities of each of the groups. The Terms of Reference for each group can be accessed below:

Board Safety Committee

Executive Safety Committee

Service Safety Action Group

Local Action Group

Just Culture Peer Group

Multi-Organisation Safety Group

Management of Employee Competence in SMS

To ensure the organisation meets its Safety Objective relating to competency, the organisation has a Competency Framework for Safety Management to ensure that all employees who hold SMS Roles that require a formal competence are training and supported and the competency assessed. The Competency Framework for Safety Management is defined here:

The assessment of competency is managed by the Assess Competency of Safety Personnel Process.

To support the Framework an SMS Learning Catalogue provides guidance on the learning activities available to support competency. Learning activities can include classroom training, computer based training, self-learning or on-the-job training. The SMS Learning and Development Catalogue is documented here:

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